Where Our Cotton Comes From


We can assure you that the cotton used to create our products are of the highest of quality, grown organically and the rights of farmers and workers are respected.

Our Farmers

Prinka works with a small farmer's collective that include small and marginalised farmers and other agricultural services. Through working with this collective your purchases enable farmers fair trade, share capital and profit sharing. 

Our supply chain is traceable. This means we know where all of our materials and workmanship come from. This is why we can guarantee there is no child or slave labour involved in our manufacturing.  

Organic Cotton

Our cotton is grown in India. We only use 100% organic cotton, certified by the Global Organic Textiles Standard, the highest standard in the world.

Certification can only be received when environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing processes have taken place.

Our sheets are made from cotton that has been manufactured with the following:

  • No hazardous synthetic pesticides are used.
  • No genetically modified seeds are used.
  • No toxic dyes are used.
  • To grow cotton organically, farmers fertilize with natural materials that are easy on the environment.

The GOTS certification also ensures that all processors and manufacturers meet key norms of the International Labour Organisation. Basically, everything you would expect in a workplace; rights at work, encourage decent employment opportunities, enhance social protection and strengthen dialogue on work-related issues. 


Our Products are Ethically Made

Prinka’s sheets are ethically made by manufacturing facilities that are certified fairtrade.

Unfortunately slavery is not dead. Many men, women and children work and are only paid barely enough to eat. This has to stop. 

The manufacturing facilities we work with ensure working conditions and improved terms of trade for farmers and workers.  When you purchase our products, you are supporting farmers and workers as they work to improve their livelihoods and provide better support to their communities.

Our sheets have been produced by small-scale farmer organisations and plantations that work together. Because these farmers have a lot of involvement in the development of their produce and where it is sent and how much is paid for it, we are able to make sure  these farmers and their communities are paid what they should be paid.