About Us

Prinka provides luxurious, ethically made organic bed linen that is always on trend and on point.

Our story begins in 2017 when our founder, Jennifer Jampala, was considering whether she would return to work as a lawyer or take the opportunity, whilst a stay at home mum, to pursue a passion and see where it would take her. She wanted to find something where she could combine her passion for interior design as well as creating a business for good. In this case addressing sustainability and the environment, as well as ensuring our products are ethically made, thus Prinka was created. 

Along with style and luxury, Jennifer was also determined to create sustainable change in the world at the same time. This is why we only work with organic and Fairtrade certified facilities. We believe it is so important to reduce our environmental impact and ensure workers are paid properly. This ensures that local farming communities are able to plan for the future and provide strong foundations for a better standard of living. 

Dream and help change the world with Prinka.