We believe that there is no plan B when it comes to our planet, so we’ve made some better choices with how we make and deliver our sustainable bedding to you.

Certified Organic

Our sustainable bedding is always certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and only ever made from natural fibres.

We can guarantee that no toxic heavy metals, GMOs, dyes, pesticides and herbicides are used.

Because our sustainable bedding is certified organic, less water and less energy was used in its manufacturing compared to conventional cotton. The soil is able to be reused and there is less impact on air pollution. Our manufacturers also have strict environmental guidelines to minimise waste; protecting precious waterways and surrounding lands.

When you lay your head to rest, be assured that our sustainable bedding doesn’t contain any toxic residues making it better for you and your family.  

Plastic Free Packaging

Your sustainable bed sheets and bed linen arrive packaged in a beautiful organic cloth bag that can be reused and posted in compostable satchels.

Buy Good, Buy Less

Our sustainable bed linen is made from a premium, long staple, single ply organic cotton. When you buy high quality, your sustainable bed sheets last longer. Our colours are also staples that can be mixed and matched. They’ll never go out of style.
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