How To Make Your Bed Into A Hotel Bed



There’s something about a hotel bed that screams comfort and a bit of indulgence. Is it the gorgeous white bed sheets, the fluffy duvet cover or all the soft pillows?

Here are some tips to give you a luxury hotel bed in your own bedroom:


  1. Buy great quality white bed sheets. It’s really important to invest in sheets that are breathable, durable and comfortable against the skin. White sheets are a better long term investment because it provides you with versatility. There’s also something about white that screams sophistication and elegance. We’ve got the perfect sheets for this. You can inject colour and style into the head board, wall paper or art without having to worry about matching your sheets.Have you also noticed the sheets in hotels are pressed? You may want to iron your sheets to get that same feel or a great short cut is to iron the pillow cases and above the fold of the flat sheet.
  1. Add a really fluffy duvet. A fluffy duvet creates luxury and comfort but also cosiness. There are so many options for duvets out there, whether its hypoallergenic, suitable for all year round or really warm for winter.

  2. Put chocolates on your pillow. Oh go on, you deserve it! If you really want that ultimate hotel feeling, a little treat on the pillow is a great way to go.

  3. Big fluffy pillows… Is it just me, or is it whenever you walk into a hotel room and see the bed for the first time, you just have this urge to dive on top of it because it looks like a big fluffy cloud? 5 pillows are a great number. Even though you only use one to rest your head on, the others are great if you want extra comfort when sitting or relaxing in bed.

  4.  Conduct your own downturn service. After dinner pull back the sheets in preparation for bed. You may dim the lights and do whatever else is needed to make the experience of going to bed relaxing.

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