How often should you be changing your bedsheets?


Its one of those things we know we should do more often, but let’s face it, its time-consuming washing and changing bed sheets, and well... they look clean, so it should be ok. Mattress company Ergoflex found that 55 per cent of single guys aged 18 to 25 wash their bed sheets once every three months.

However, according to Tide, 70% of laundry dirt is invisible. In other words, most of what is making your bedsheets dirty are sweat, dead skin cells, natural body oil, as well as soap, body lotion, makeup, etc. Not to mention food scraps if you eat in bed and the dirt your pets leave behind. It is estimated that humans naturally produce 98.4 litres of sweat every year in bed.  

Its important to note that dead skin cell build up encourages the development of dust mites which is particularly bad for those with allergies and respiratory issues. Dust mite faeces and dust mite debris are allergens. Even if you don't have an allergy, you react to it as a normal person. These allergens may cause you to wake up with a stuffy nose, cause or exacerbate allergies, or aggravate asthma. 

The build up of dirt on your bed sheets can also lead to break outs, particularly if you have sensitive skin.

So these facts have probably painted a pretty disgusting picture in your minds. We recommend the best way to stay clean is to wash your bed sheets every week. If you change them once a fortnight, this is acceptable, but once a month is pushing it. This is not a strict rule but a recommendation. If this is impossible, at least change your pillow cases. Your face will thank you for it.


How to wash your bed sheets?

Sheets need to circulate to get clean so try not overload your machine.

Make sure you wash your sheets in warm water. Sheets don’t need to be washed on a heavy-duty cycle. If your machine doesn’t have a dedicated setting for bedding, select a normal cycle. This will ensure your bed sheets are clean without the tangling and wrinkling.

Its also best to line dry your sheets in the sun. But if this is not possible you can tumble dry sheets on the lowest heat for the shortest period possible.  This will reduce wrinkling.

How we can help

At Prinka we offer luxury cotton sheets, slate sheets, sateen sheets, organic cotton bedding and more. For the single guys out there the girls (and some guys) will be extra impressed if you have both washed and organic cotton sheets.

We hope this article has been a real eye opener. Let us know in the comments below how often you wash your bed sheets.

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