How a local company and its customers can bring about change



Our company centres around our organic cotton sheets, but we’re not just any bedding company. We are so grateful to be one of a growing number of sweatshop free bands that do things on our own terms, where we strive to give you style, luxury and quality whilst being eco-friendly and respectful to our planet.

Why organic cotton sheets?

It is important to us that our luxury cotton sheets are organic. Its better for the environment. Unlike conventional cotton farming, the farming of our cotton sheets ensures cotton crops aren’t treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and GMOs. These are incredibly harmful to farmers, workers and the environment.

In many instances these chemicals contaminate rivers, lakes and wetland and pesticides that are sprayed onto crops can also be blown by winds into nearby areas, threatening wildlife

Organic farming helps protect the biodiversity of seeds and wildlife, and so to, the livelihood of cotton farmers are protected. Soil is also rotated so it remains healthy.

 Our manufacturing facilities are GOTS certified. This ensures that our manufacturing process is organic from seed to organic cotton sheet.


Prinka’s Farmers


Just like our farmers, we support those who work in our manufacturing facilities and pay them according to fairtrade standards. We are a sweatshop free brand and we are committed to ensuring all rights of everyone involved in the production of our organic cotton sheets are respected.

Our manufacturing facility works closely with a farming collective. This means there is direct dialogue between farmers and manufacturers to ensure everyone’s voice is heard. We pay a premium for our organic cotton sheets because we work with fairtrade certified facilities, which will later be dispersed among the community as investments for education and housing. So when we say our cotton is sustainable, we mean that we are helping to sustain whole communities through it.

We are really proud of our mission and how far we have come. Of course it wouldn’t be possible without your support, so thank you.

If you’d like to find out more about what our brand is all about have a read of our about us page. If you’d like to shop our cotton sateen sheets, organic cotton bedding sets, click here. You’ll enjoy FREE shipping Australia wide.





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