Are you buying the best sheets for you? Follow this bed sheet buying guide if you're not.


Buying bed sheets is not all about thread count. A lot of people think the higher the thread count, the better the sheets, but this is not the case.  Whilst thread count is important, finding great bed sheets also comes down to the quality of material used to make the sheets and the type of weave you prefer to sleep on.

  1. Thread Count

Thread count means the number of threads per square inch or 10 sq cm. So the total thread count is the total number of weft threads plus warp threads.

thread-count - warp - and - weft

We recommend looking for sheets that are 200 thread count and above.

However, the trick to ensure you are not fooled by thread count is to ensure you are buying bed sheets made from single ply yarn.




There are many instances where in order to claim a higher thread count manufacturers use multi-ply yarn. This means that, for example, instead of a 100 thread count, using 2 ply yarn, they claim the bed sheets are 200 thread count or double the thread count in this case.

While this is a higher thread count, multiple ply yarn will tend to be heavier, and not as soft. Durability is also questionable as manufacturers can use thinner yarn to create multiple ply yarn and thus your bed sheets won’t last as long.    


  1. Quality of the Fibre

There is no point having high thread count when the quality of the yarn used is low. We recommend buying bed sheets made from natural fibres like cotton. Natural fibres are very comfortable because they are breathable and wick away moisture from the skin, making it suitable all year round.

But it's also important to ensure you are buying long staple cotton. Long staple cotton is more durable, less likely to pill and are softer.  Short staple cotton will become less and less comfortable over time and will pill.

We also recommend staying away from synthetic fibres like polyester. It tends to be less breathable as it traps in heat and moisture while you sleep. Polyester also tends to be prone to pilling and static.

If you are allergic to dyes and chemicals, look for organic cotton sheets. Its important that your cotton is certified organic. Our sheets are GOTS certified. Certification can only be received when environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing processes have taken place.

Our sheets are made from cotton that has been manufactured with the following:

  • No hazardous synthetic pesticides are used.
  • No genetically modified seeds are used.
  • No toxic dyes are used.

 You can shop our organic cotton sheet here. You'll be guaranteed luxury quality sheets. 

  1. Weave

The weave simply means how the yarn has been threaded together. There are many types of weave to choose from and there is no one that is better than the other. Its all about personal choice.

Two of the most popular weaves are sateen and percale. If you like bed sheets that are crisp than you may prefer a percale weave. A percale weave is a tightly woven, plain weave fabric. Whereas you’ll find sateen sheets are soft with a lustrous feel.

Aside from percale and sateen there is flannel, linen, polyblend and much more.

Look out for these three things when shopping for the best sheets for you.

We pride ourselves on quality and we are a brand that you can trust. If you want to cut the time it takes to search for bed sheets that are great quality and incredibly soft, shop Prinka’s luxury cotton sheets that are sateen weave, single ply, long staple cotton click here. You'll be sure to have a comfortable night's sleep.

Happy shopping!

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