Are You A Good House Guest?



The Easter long weekend is approaching. Some of us will be hosting friends and family and others will be house guests.

Before you settle in and make yourself at home as a guest, make sure you don’t commit any of these faux pas, otherwise you may not be invited back again!

  1. Showing up late or too early

There’s nothing worse than having plans but your guests are running significantly late. This shows a complete disrespect for another person’s time.

On the other hand, there is nothing worse than having guests show up too early. Especially when you’re in the middle of cleaning the house or preparing a meal. The host is probably stressed and it could create an awkward moment.

Arrive about 10 minutes after the start time. This will ensure the host is able to present their home the way they would like to.

  1. Showing up empty handed

Mum always said, ‘never show up empty handed.’ Your gift doesn’t have to be something extravagant – a bottle of wine or chocolates should suffice. Just make your gift appropriate for the event, and always remember, it’s really the thought that counts.

  1. Expecting to be waited on

Your friends, or your hosts are not your servants. Whilst you don’t want to impose and help yourself to things that may be off limits, ask your host before using something. There’s also nothing wrong in doing basic things yourself, like getting a glass of water.

Ask if they need any help, but always make sure you help with the cleaning. If you’re attending a dinner, washing the dishes may be one step too far, but if you’re staying a few nights, this is definitely appropriate (or at least load the dishwasher).

  1. Tidying up your bed

When you’re at home, you may not tidy your bed every morning but there’s an important rule to remember when you’re the guest – you must be cleaner and tidier in someone else’s’ home than you are at your own home. Being neat shows a level of respect for your hosts’ home.


  1. Bad bathroom etiquette

There is nothing worse than using a bathroom and finding evidence that someone else was in there. Make sure to leave the bathroom spotless. No wet towels on the floor, makeup on the bathroom sink or dirty clothes in the corner of the room. Leave the bathroom spotless.

Also, there is nothing worse than experiencing a cold shower when the person before you has used up all the hot water? Don’t be that person who is in the shower for 20 minutes while everyone else is waiting.


Are there any other rules you swear by? Have you had any bad experiences with guests? Let us know in the comments below.


Happy Easter Everyone

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