8 Small Bedroom Design Ideas


With these small bedroom design ideas, size will never be a problem. You can embrace the smallness of your bedroom by creating a cozy and charming atmosphere; or you can style your bedroom to feel light, airy and spacious.

It’s amazing what you can achieve with the right styling.

So here are some ideas you can take and incorporate into your bedroom to make it the room you have always wanted.

  1. Mount lights on the wall rather than using a bedside lamp

Using sconces are a great way to use the elevated space next to your bed. This frees floor space helping to reduce clutter. There are so many different types of sconces around, that you won’t be short on choice.



2. Add mirrors

Mirrors create an illusion by creating a sense of space. Mirrors reflect both natural and artificial light, making the room feel lighter and brighter. Placing mirrors near windows can create great light and space.

Mirrors can be styled in so many different ways. You can layer them or create a gallery. Using floor length mirrors brings the eye up, making the space feel taller. You could also use a mirror as a bedhead!



3. Choose space saving furniture for your bedroom

This one probably goes without saying, but choose furniture that can be multi-purpose. You can find beds with storage underneath.

Nesting tables are great. You can use the chairs for extra seating and when you’re done, just place it back with the rest of the tables.

When things have been built into parts of the walls like bookshelves, you don’t lose any space on the ground. This creates a lovely design element to the room but is a great place for storage.

4. Oversized furniture

You could also play with the scale of your bed. While you may think that having an oversized bed in a small room is a no, no; you may find people think it’s a really big room given the bed is so big. It also makes it a lot more inviting than a tiny bed in the corner of the room.

Also, furnishing the room with fewer, but larger pieces rather than small pieces scattered everywhere will make the room feel grander rather than crowded.

5. Paint the room a light colour

Using light colours will reflect light off the walls and ceilings. This will visually make your bedroom feel larger. Darker colours absorb light and make a room feel smaller.

We recommend light blues, greens and soft whites. But your room doesn’t have to look boring. Decorate the room in calm, even tones and incorporate subtle patterns and textures. This will fool the eye and add character.



6. Verticals

These are your best friend! Bookshelves and window dressings that reach the ceiling, make the room feel elevated and gives a sense of space.

 7. Clutter

 Don’t over clutter with bits and bobs. We know you may have many keep sakes - photos from your graduation, 21st birthday, or that statue from the trip you took to Thailand. But you don’t have to put all of these on display. One thing that makes a small bedroom feel smaller is clutter.

Keep your room organised and tidy. Create a focal point in the bedroom – this may be a large piece of artwork or the bed -  and don’t detract from it with clutter.

Rugs are a great way to section of parts of rooms. In this case, removing any rugs you may have will actually create a greater sense of floor space.

8. Create a bed head nook

This is a great way to save on space and add a great design element.




Let us know in the comments what you might try out in your bedroom.

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