5 Styling Tips To Create Your Bedroom Sanctuary

Don’t waste any more time or money with bad styling decisions when trying to create and style your bedroom.  Create a sanctuary that you have always wanted. You’ve worked hard and you deserve it.

Follow these 5 tips to ensure you get the bedroom you’ve always wanted.

1. Lighting Options


(credit: Braun + Adams)

A big tip when it comes to lighting in the bedroom is to have multiple sources of light. Lighting is a great way to create a mood or atmosphere in the bedroom. Generally, you want to create a relaxing, calm environment and ambient lighting can help with this.  But it is also important to think about what it is you do in the bedroom besides sleep. Many of us read books or use laptops or ipads. With the functionality of the room in mind, the placement and type of lighting is important.

A lot of bedrooms just have a simple light hanging from the centre of the ceiling. It’s really difficult to create a mood or ambience with just one light. It also creates a harshness to the room.

For bedside reading, lighting experts recommend wall mounted lamps (which are great if you’re tight on space) or a lamp to sit on the bedside table. You may even consider one with an adjustable arm to allow you to direct light onto your reading materials.

Ambient lighting can be created by floor lamps or sconces attached to the wall. With sconces, ambient light is created when the direction of the light is in an upwards direction.

Task lighting is just that, lighting that helps you perform activities like reading in bed.

Ambient lighting provides the room with a general glow and has a real impact on how you want the room to feel. You can strategically place ambient lighting around the room to create a warm or soft glow. Also consider having the option to dim lights so you can control what levels of lighting you’d like.

Accent lighting is directional lighting that highlights a feature in your bedroom such as a piece of art or any architectural details you’d like to highlight.

Whilst matching lights still look great and is a safer option, don’t be afraid to mix and match lights. A good way to do this is pick a particular style but with different finishes or have lights in different styles but the same finish.

It’s also really important to note the wattage in the light bulbs you use.

 2. Paint choices


When thinking about paint colours consider, ‘how do you want the room to make you feel?’ 

Do you want something that's not too feminine so your partner feels like its their room as well? Do you want the room to feel calming like a spa? Do you want a colour with a bit of personality?

We associate:

  • green with grassy fields, trees and nature. It represents growth, renewal and creates a calming environment.
  • blue is considered to be calming and relaxing as it bring down blood pressure and your heart rate. It is
    also thought to free the mind. It arouses a sense of dependability and strength.
  • red with romance, passion and fire. It's certainly a colour that heightens the
    senses; and raises energy levels. Its even thought to speed up your heart and respiration rate, as well as, your blood pressure.

For a tranquil room, soft neutrals, warm browns, cooling blues are great choices.

Also, if you have a small bedroom, lighter shades of paint can make a room feel bigger, lighter and brighter because pale colours reflect light.


3. Cushion styling


(Credit: Emily Kate Roemer)

You see those gorgeously styled beds in magazines. The cushions look amazing, so you go out and buy a bunch of cushions that you love, come home and try and recreate the look and it looks horrible. If this is you, try these tips out and you’ll be amazed at what you create.

Consider a colour pallet

Its really easy to buy cushions that you completely love only to bring them home and realise it doesn’t go with the rest of the cushions you already have. A great way to avoid this is to pick a colour palette.

You may go for a beach vibe, so stick with shades of blue and whites with touches of yellow, or you might like a very neutral palette and stick with different shades of whites and greys.

Once you’ve decided on a colour palette, consider incorporating different textures and materials. You can also really show your personality through different patterns and designs. Just ensure that that the colours you have decided on flow through so they combine well together. A great way to ground all the different patterns is to incorporate solid coloured cushions.

How many cushions are too many?

This is the age-old question. Whilst there is no hard and fast rules, the number of cushions you use will vary depending on the size of your bed and personal preference.  We generally recommend using an odd number of cushions.

4. Bedding


There is a lot of bargain bedding available, but we recommend to splurge a little. Why not treat yourself to some luxury? You work hard and you deserve it. Besides, you are creating a sanctuary for yourself.

You can really make a statement with your doona covers and can really create the look you want, especially as the bed is the focal point. 

A big tip -  spend your money on quality sheets. Sheets are a staple and can match more than one doona set, so you’ll find they have a longer life. Its also nice to feel beautiful, soft sheets on your skin as you lay down to sleep.

We recommend spending less on accessories as you may like to change the look of your room in the future.

5. Rug Placement

Having a rug in the bedroom not only adds character, texture and pattern, but if you have hard floors, it can provide a soft floor to step out of bed, as well as absorb noise.

Generally, in the bedroom, you can place:

  • a large rug 2 thirds of the way under the bed,
  • place two rugs, one on either side of the bed,
  • one small rug on one side of the bed, or
  • a large rug under the entirety of the bed, ensuring the rug is large enough to be seen.

 The below image is a great guide to placement:




 If you use the 5 tips we've provided, you're sure to create a beautiful bedroom sanctuary that you'll love.

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